Our Dehavilland Beaver ski-plane is specialized for Alaska backcountry glacier ski camps.

I can service skiing and climbing expeditions in the Chilkat mountains, which are the Haines area Peaks. The Juneau Ice-Field, the Fairweather and St. Elias Ranges.

We accomodate ski trips ranging from single day run-packed sessions, to multi-week expeditions. Many film groups like TGR, Sherpas, and Yeti frequent where we fly for epic lines and back drops.

Things that you need to have are:

Some Mountain/Glacier experience, a guide can be hired.
A Sat phone is a must! Iridium is best.
Goes without saying but, maps, GPS'S, access to weather information.

Glacier Ski Camp Season

Here in Haines, from the end of March through April is the perfect time to take advantage of the spring powder, warmer temps, and longer days.

Avalanche gear and knowledge is required when skiing out here. Your friends are your support and ER team, be ready to save thier life, and them yours.

Sometimes the weather is great and everybody lucks out, other times the entire month or more is bad. So you have to be ready for a long bad stretch of weather.

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