Tour Length

2.00 Hours
2.50 Hours
+30 minutes for beach landings


April - Sept

Cost Per Person

Haines: $500
Skagway: $600

Grand Flight #3

Beach landing in front of La Perouse Bears near the beach Close to the Glacier Glaciers plus lakes equals ice burgs

This remarkable charter flight will take you for an eagle's eye view of the legendary mountains and glaciers of Southeast Alaska. We will fly over Glacier Bay National Park, past Mount Fairweather and Mount Crillion and out to the Pacific Ocean on the Gulf of Alaska. Highlights include Lituya Bay, the site of the highest ever recorded wave, 1700 feet. Also the La Perouse Galcier which is the only glacier in Alaska that calves off directy into the Pacific. Beach landings will be made at the pilot's discretion, and if so, we will spend and additional 30 minutes on the beach. An ultimate Glacier Bay flightseeing adventure.

Flight time 2 hours $500 per person from Haines, 2.5 hours $600 per person from Skagway.

Something to consider

With us you will be flown by the highest time local pilot, 25 plus years experience. You will be flown in the most completely rebuilt DHC-2 Beaver available in Alaska. This one aircraft gets all of our attention and investment. We have the largest windows, Bose headsets and go the extra mile to show and explain to you everything that is worth seeing that day. Our service is about you and your flight.

Clients Words: "All things being equal, we prefer single pilot operations where the owner and pilot are the same person. We like knowing the pilot personally and knowing that we are flying with the owner. It is worth spending more for an experienced pilot who you trust. The frustration and fear from dealing with a less reputable operator isn't worth it."

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